everything you need to raise a secure teen without nagging, lectures or power struggles

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Everyone warned you about how HARD the teen years are.

There's the typical teenager stuff:
  • the power struggles and know-it-all attitude

  • the emotional rollercoaster and impulisve behavior

  • the constant battles over cell phones, homework and everything else

  • friend drama, peer-pressure and low self-esteem


And then there's all the other stuff you worry about:
  • teaching responsibility and resilience

  • cultivating strong values and healthy coping skills

  • developing social skills and empathy

  • building a safe, connected relationship with mutual trust

  • navigating anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges


Parenting teens is a whole new ballgame and

nobody prepared you for it.



Everything you need to raise a secure teen

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old parenting methods don't work with today's teens

I can help you take a new approach

be their safe place

build a close, connected relationship so your teen will talk to you about anything - especially the hard stuff

trust your intuition

turn up the volume on the answers inside of you so you feel confident knowing exactly what to do in the moment

grow your influence

you'll never have to nag or lecture again because your teen will welcome your guidance and trust your insights

As a mom of 6 and a certified life coach, I noticed that simple changes to the way we parent and interact with our teens make a BIG difference in their confidence, resilience and social skills.
And, as it turns out, the same things that prepare your teen to be a contributing adult also make parenting them a whole lot easier.
Not only that, but these same simple changes can transform your relationship with your teen and help you make the most of the teen years.
So I turned it into a simple process that I call the ENJOY parenting method. 
By following this method you can stop SURVIVING the teen years, and ENJOY them instead.

The ENJOY parenting method will help you:


  • UNDERSTAND¬†your teen and why they do what they do
  • Navigate the challenges of modern parenting with CONFIDENCE
  • Get off the exhausting EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER
  • End the constant POWER STRUGGLES
  • Be the MOST INFLUENTIAL person in your teen's life
Today's teens are facing challenges that didn't even exist when you and I were growing up. You need a parenting approach that faces those challenges head on!

The ENJOY parenting method helps you build a foundation for your teen to grow up secure in who they are, secure in their ability to do hard things and secure enough to build healthy relationships and contribute their unique gifts in the world. 
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  • Live Coaching:¬†parenting isn't one-size fits all, so get help with your specific challenges on live group coaching calls
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I designed this community for busy moms like you who need these tools -- like, yesterday.
You get immediate access to everything in the¬†online membership portal, convenient¬†mobile app and exclusive¬†private podcast to listen on the go. Every¬†live call¬†is recorded so you can access it at your convenience (and listen on 2x if you want‚ĶI sound a lot smarter in 2x ūüėČ)
It is kind of like Netflix. Lots of options to make sure there is plenty for you to enjoy, but ZERO pressure to get to all of it. I will customize a plan, just for you, to help you make the most of it in whatever time you have. Plus, I send quick, bite-sized ideas to your inbox every week so you don't even have to remember to login. 

It would be easy to tell yourself that you don’t have enough time, or that you don’t think it will work for you, or that you can just keep on surviving the way you have so far. And you can if you want...


But, you are missing the best of your teen. 


So many moms are heartbroken as they tell me how much they wish they would have known all of this earlier. And while it is never too late, once you know what you have been missing you will regret you missed.


Make the most of the time you have left with your teen before it's gone.


I'm telling you this mom-to-mom because I know how fast that clock is ticking. One moment your moody tween is driving you crazy and the next minute tears are streaming down your cheeks as you send them off to college. (for real, it is a beast!)


Don't cheat yourself out of the confidence, peace and hope that are available to you and your teen!


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